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Awkward First Post

Hello! 안녀하세요! Salut! Uh, I’m pretty sure those are all the languages I have under my belt so far, so umm…hey?

This is my first post. Very first post. Yep, first. Okay, now what?

I’ve just placed myself in a really awkward position where I’m glad I made a blog and love talking to people and telling people things, but have nothing to say yet. Don’t you hate when that happens? Well, I seem to do that ALL the time. Well, I mean, not really much I can do about it. I haven’t actually LEFT to go to Cambodia or Korea yet.

OH! Wait. Where are my manners? I didn’t introduce myself. Sorry about that. I’m Minger Bropleh. I’m a junior at Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, CA. Pretty soon I’ll be traveling to Cambodia for a Human Rights internship and immediately afterwards, going a hop, skip, and a jump (figuratively) to South Korea to study at Yonsei University.

Phew! A lot huh? I know. I’m really really REALLY excited to begin my travels, document my experiences, and meet new people!! If only Saturday would come faster!!

But, that means a solid year without my family, my friends, familiar faces, knowing where I am, eating foods I know, speaking my native language, and most of all, just walking down the street and not sticking out like a that annoying tag on your favorite shirt. That’s going to be rough…maybe I can wait for Saturday to come. That’s terrifying, honestly. What to do?

You guys will help me right? Encourage me? Give me advice? Right? The best friends are internet ones right? Where did I hear that? Hah…I love laughing at my own pity. Ah, oh well. I’ll make it. And even if I don’t at least you guys will know I tried. And DEFINITELY get a few laughs out of it.

If your traveling to any of these countries soon or are planning to, I’ll make sure to give you the heads up on things I notice. Helpful tips and whatnot. If you’re already in either of these countries then, well, HELP!!! Seriously guys!

Also, I’ll be starting a youtube channel to compliment this blog very shortly! Look out for it!!


MISSION: AWKWARD FIRST POST                                                            STATUS: COMPLETED



About mbropleh14

Hey those who seemed to stumbled upon my blog and (for some strange reason) decided to stay! Welcome! I'll be doing quite a bit of traveling to countries where I will definitely stick out like the annoying tag on the back of your shirt. So, this will just my experience while in these countries. What worked, what didn't, and just how I got along. Forgive me if I get a bit philosophical at times. Hope you stick around for the ride!

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  1. You are wonder! great job———————— Dad.

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